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Microsoft Kaizala – New Productivity App for Android & iOS users

The success of a business is mainly dependent on the efficiency of its work activities. Ranging from small firms to large multinational organizations, the biggest hurdle in achieving efficiency is the process of managing on-field clients and employers and also assign them a daily task and take proper feedback.

So Microsoft decided to deal with this challenge of the gap in communication with a new app called Kaizala. The challenge of bridging the gap was much more complex due to the fact that the nature of business across the world is varied and is in a constant process of change. Due to the recent trends in the world of mobile communication, the way the emerging markets do their business has been completely disrupted.

Kaizala App Download

Microsoft Kaizala is now available for both Android & iOS platforms, so you may get it accordingly,

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The various actions which are available on the app right out of the box are

kaizala app,kaizala

  • Make various announcements – The app enables the users to make several key announcements as well as share useful updates.
  • Job Assigning – The app enables the users to assign various jobs to the teams of people as well as track the status of the work.
  • Meeting various new individuals – The app enables the users to invite new people to various meetings and even has features to confirm if they are available for the appointment.
  • Live Location enabling features – The app enables the users to gain access live location. It enables users to even find their way.
  • Share Photos along with Location – The app enables the users to share a various picture using the app. It also helps the users to send the location along with the pictures.
  • Features of Quick Poll of various groups – The app enable the users to contact people and gather their opinion on any task.
  • Share as well as Request Location – The app enables the users to share their location and also request for the location of other individuals.
  • Submit different kinds of bills – The app enables the users to pay various bills and manage expenses through the app.
  • Create various checklists of different items – The app enables the users to come up with several to do list and even create a database by capturing their contact person’s status.

Some of the Features of the Kaizala Apk App download are as follows :

  • The app is completely free for the users. It can be used for both personal as well as organizational purposes and all will be free of use.
  • The app does not require any customizations as well as maintenance. One can just download the app
  • The app provides features of one on one group as well as personal chat features.
  • There are provisions for organizing the charts very easily.
  • The app enables location sharing as well as photo sharing along with the assigned location
  • IT provides a bridge which acts as a reliable form of communication for both people inside as well as outside the business.
  • The app has certain features which have provisions for easy sharing of images and documents.

Several people across the world have begun experiencing computing facilities on a small hand held device which is powered by the internet.

For businesses and people such as these, the mobile device may be the only computer device to which they have access.  Using the mobile device the world has got the first opportunity to get any commercial advantage when it comes to entrepreneurship.

Microsoft has come up with an application which makes the work of communicating and getting work done in the large group, named Kaizala.

There are various tools and applications present in Kaizala, which enables the users to be very efficient at all times and have the required information. Various different functions like sending feedback, making and getting the announcements as well as direct communication are very easily available in Kaizala.

Kaizala has features for one to one as well as group chat options to contact other people on the team. Groups in Kaizala also help to send and receive various reports in the public groups. Just a couple of clicks and all the work is sorted and done according to the requirements.

Kaizala app also has a unique feature of location-awareness which makes it easy to get location details from the other users. Using this feature the users can share geo-tagged location and also share pictures which have a location tagged to them.

While working in teams in various fields it is very easy to find the location of various members of the team. Kaizala has a very easy to use chat interface and it is widely available in the country on various Android phones as well as iPhones.

In order to manage the day efficiently and monitor various actions, Kaizala is the app to use. It makes use of various phone features and comes up with various chat interfaces which help you to communicate in a structured manner.

One of the main features of the Microsoft Kaizala app download which sets it apart from all other communication software is that unlike them Kaizala is able to communicate and chat with various individuals at very low bandwidth connectivity.

This is why it is much better than other apps such as Skype and Facebook messenger. Due to this feature, the app can be effectively used in a 2G connection which is not possible in other applications. But the phone having Kaizala app must have a Windows 10 operating system and would not run on other operating software like Windows Phone 8.1.

The application of Microsoft Kaizala is currently available all across India in the form of free download for various iOS as well as Android phones.

Microsoft Kaizala Pro application is also available for purchase in various standalone procurement at the price of about INR 130 for each user on a monthly basis.

Current users of Office 365 need to contact the representatives of Microsoft in order to get even more offer as well as additional information. There are several additional features of Microsoft Kaizala Pro which can be used by the various individual user as well as group Users. Some of these features are group management, automation as well as system integration using the features of Microsoft Kaizala APIs.

Using the pro version of Kaizala the users can also perform variously advanced reporting along with analytics, publish several custom actions for others to use, provisions to generate public groups, and even certain organizational directory and profile creation.

In order to enhance the usage of Kaizala in various organizations, the app has advanced management capabilities which are enabled by the web based application of Kaizala Management Portal.

In order to access the portal, the users need to have a valid and legal pro license of Microsoft Kaizala in order to sign-in. After the completion of the procedure of sign-in, the users can create an Office 365 account which is in accordance with the phone number registered in the Kaizala app.

Interact with the entire value chain – The application helps users interact and communicate with numerous people across the society in an organization as well as outside it. The users can share pictures, documents, videos and other contents very easily. The users can get feedback from other users and colleagues using various surveys and polls.

Efficiently manages tasks – There are certain features of the app which enable the users to coordinate and collaborate various tasks. It is very useful for users to schedule the various meeting and also assign various jobs and gather feedback about those jobs. The users can also get the response to the actions very effectively. The users also have features of customizations and integrate the kaizala app efficiently into the work environment.

Enable to take better decisions – The users of the app are very well equipped to get various insights by using the apps built in analytics. This kind of analytics tools helps to take various decisions by being much more aware and informed. The users have the option of receiving both auto generated as well as custom made reports. This enables the users to achieve organizational effectiveness in the various group chats.

Ensure better security features – The users of the apps have the option of managing users as well as groups to control the security features of the app. The app has a Kaizala Management Portal which is web based which enables to have these features.

In order to have a secured access to the portal, the administrator has Azure Active Directory feature which enables authentication of users to control group membership as well as data access. The app is also the market leader when it comes to privacy as well as data storage due to the features of secure along with compliant Azure data centers.

Kaizala App Features Free Version

  • 1:1 as well as hierarchical chat features
  • Various Media along with document sharing
  • Several Built-in features for announcements, polls and also surveys
  • New Work management
  • Several Offline as well as 2G support

Kaizala Pro App Salient Features

  • It has features of organizational group management
  • It has features where the administrator can remove several users from the groups and even remove all group data.
  • Features of creating public groups
  • Enabling publishing of various customized actions?
  • Several high profile reporting as well as analytics
  • Entire system integration along with automation with the help of Kaizala APIs

In India, Microsoft has recently announced that it will be launching the new app of Microsoft Kaizala. This mobile only product is designed in order to have large scale communications as well as work management.

Using this modern application the organizations to easily collaborate and complete various tasks. The app is also successful in integrating the desktop as well as mobile users can be located inside any organizations as well as outside it seamlessly.

The enterprise version of the app known as kaizala plus has also been launched in the country. This feature allows the organizations to have complete organizational control of the groups as even control the security rights of the group.It is a well-known fact in India most of the organizations are very dispersed and as a result of this their connectivity is very low.

This poses several problems when it comes to dealing with large teams as well as partners. Across most of the major sectors such as construction, manufacturing, retail, healthcare and several others it is highly evident that the level of team work and communication is very low.

Microsoft Kaizala takes a step to resolve this problem as it helps several organizations to remain in contact connection with numerous people who are directly or indirectly related to the firm.

The organizations are able to coordinate their functions across different value chains and work teams using this app and gain a certain amount of competitive advantage.

The users of the Microsoft Kaizala app can get connected to the users using their smartphones and by using the unique ID provided by the administrator of the application.

The app is powered by the cloud platform of Microsoft called Azure which is very safe and secure form of storage.Microsoft believes in the vision of Digital India and due to this reason is taking giant strides in helping the country grow and prosper.

The company has the vision of using technology as one of the pivotal players who contribute to the growth of the country both socially and economically. Microsoft Kaizala also has aimed to connect this very mobile work specific workforce collaboration tool to help organizations connect better and communicate without any hindrance.

Microsoft Kaizala app has become very popular after its inception in various Indian organizations. Some of these famous organizations are as follows –

  • YES Bank
  • Republic TV
  • Apollo Telemedicine
  • Kendriya Vidyalaya Sangathan
  • United Phosphorous Limited

Other than these famous firms there are also various organizations that are running pilot tests in order to implement the Kaizala software.  Various public sector corporations and Government organizations are also in the fray for using Kaizala software.

One such case is the Government of Andhra Pradesh which is one of the very first organizations of the government sector which has started using Microsoft Kaizala app for several of its real time governance requirements. In today’s date, around 30 departments of the government along with their 70000 employees have become regular users of the Kaizala app for their day to day functioning.

Are you using Kaizala App ? How do you find it useful ? You may share it via comments.